Planning To Buy Drapery Fabric? Here’s How To Make The Best Choice

A drapery fabric is a lightweight or printed woven fabric that you can use to design and stitch upholstery such as bedding, curtains, pillows, etc. Drapery fabric is also used by artists in their arts and crafts work. You can buy the best kind of drapery fabric by the yard from the leading online and offline platforms and begin design the upholstery for your home.  

If you are planning to use a drapery fabric to design curtains or any other upholstery, consider the below-listed criteria to make the best choice: 


While designing a curtain using drapery fabric, the first thing that you must keep in mind is the density of the fabric. You can choose the density of the fabric according to your requirement. For example, if you don’t want a lot of natural light, you can buy a thick material. On the other hand, if you want to make your room look more warm, spacious, and lively, choose a light drapery fabric that doesn’t block the light. 


Heavy drapery fabrics such as canvas and velvet are thicker, hence more in weight. These fabrics provide more insulation and privacy to the interiors. You can choose any thick fabric if you want to keep the interiors private and cozy. However, we advise you not to buy a very weighty fabric for your drapes as it might break down the curtain rods and other accessories. 


You can buy a sheer fabric to make your interiors look lively and vibrant. These days, Bohemian décor is very much in fashion. Such interior decoration uses warm and light colors, sheer drapes, and other accessories to give your home a boho look. Try this for your bedroom or living area. 

On the contrary, if you don’t want a lot of sunlight in your interiors, choose an opaque drapery fabric over the sheer ones. 


Deciding on the color as well as the design of the drapery fabric is entirely your call. The color and design of the fabric should complement the overall décor and theme of your home. You can choose the right colors after considering the factors such as the color of the walls, color of the upholstery, type of furniture, and others. 

We also advise you to consider the functionality of the color that you are choosing for the curtains. For example, dark colors may fade easily when compared to lighter shades. Make sure that the color choice is not only good-looking but functional. 

Types of drapery fabrics by the yard: 

The markets are full of several types of drapery fabrics. Some of the most sought-after fabric choices for your draping project include silk, cotton, linen, lace, acrylic, etc. All these drapery fabrics have their pros and cons. 


Finding the best drapery for your home becomes much easier when you have a clear vision of all your requirements. Once you have made the apt choice, it’s time to buy essential sewing supplies online and get going with your designing project.