Everything You Need To Know About Quilting Fabric

Quilting is referred to as the process of sewing more than two layers of fabric into one. This kind of stitching is done to create padding on the fabrics. Quilting is a popular concept of sewing bedding accessories, bed covers, sofa covers, as well as decorative fabric patterns. 

This concept of stitching creates blocks. These blocks are precise and structured. It means that quilting works the best when it is made with the fabric that entertains a square weave. 

Quilting is an easy process. As a beginner, you can make the most of learning this art and then creating beautiful designs out of the same. Many fabrics store online as well as offline are selling a variety of quilting fabrics like hotcakes. Let us educate you about different quilting patterns before you set out to buy one.

Quilting Fabrics – Which One To Choose?

When it comes to choosing fabrics for quilting, various options can be considered. As a beginner or a veteran crafter, you can even mix up things and experiment with different patterns. Choosing a quilting fabric is not rocket science. Just rely on your personal preferences along with the designs that you are likely to achieve for your quilting project. 

For example, a classic quilt is constructed using three layers. The top layer of the surface is a decorative layer. The middle layer is the batting material that provides padding to the quilt, and the final material backs both these fabrics. It is imperative to choose a thick fabric to design the second layer of your quilting project to give it good padding. 

Many beginners and veterans consider cotton as the best quilting material. It is because cotton can be lined up easily compared to other materials. Here are other reasons why you should prefer cotton as a primary quilting material: 

  1. Cotton is a natural fabric. It is breathable and comfortable. Thus, if you are designing any bedding accessory, cotton will feel smooth to your skin. 
  2. Cotton doesn’t stretch, nor does it slip. It means you can manage it easily while stitching different designs. 
  3. Another quality of cotton is that it can maintain its shape over time. Your quilting project will come out exactly like you want it to be. Also, cotton holds color well and doesn’t fade over time. 
  4. Cotton is available in a variety of weights, colors, sizes, and designs. You can be as experimental as you want when quilting with this fabric. 

Apart from cotton, you can also use any knitting material for your quilting project. 

Where to find quilting fabric? 

You can find quilting fabric at your nearest fabric store. You may as well run into the best quilting fabric online. Many fabric stores have debuted online. The advantage of buying your material online is that you can explore several quilting fabrics and buy them at an affordable price. 


We advise you to wash the quilting fabric properly before starting your project to avoid shrinking the material later. Washing the fabric prevents it from ruining your design. Start hunting for the best quilting material now.