Outdoor upholstery fabric 100% linen fabric by the yard

3 Ideas to Get Started With Modern Upholstery Projects

Want to revamp your outdoor area? Want to instil life into your restaurant’s otherwise vanilla interior design? Use modern upholstery fabric in your next project. Whether you want to change curtains, upcycle old furniture or get bespoke furniture items for your space, you will find stunning pieces in modern upholstery fabric to complement your theme. 

If you are looking for ways to incorporate modern fabric into your next upholstery project, you’ve come to the right place.

Neutral Is The New Black

Neutrals are visually restful. They are soothing to the eye, work well with all decorating styles, and can be layered up with other neutral colours. They provide an ideal decorating foundation that looks good with or without colour pops. 

That said, upholstering furniture with neutral colour fabrics is ideal for people who want to brighten up their living space and make it look bigger. In addition, these fabrics can set the mood of your outdoor area. Warm and versatile colours like white, cream, olive, nude, tan, camel, taupe, khaki, beige, grey, charcoal, mauve, black, add a sense of classiness and style to every space. When we talk about the kind of fabric, cotton and linen are preferred by most people.

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What’s more, neutral coloured fabrics can be perfectly mixed and matched with dark-toned fabrics. You can increase the aesthetic sensuality of your outdoor room by playing with 2 colours.

Pair Patterns

You don’t need a lot of contrasting fabric options to make your furniture items look trendy and stylish. Modern designers say it’s always wise to stick to one particular shade. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with colours when designing accessories. You can use different colours, different print fabrics for cushions, throw blankets and table throws. But you should never overdo it.

Using multiple prints for upholstering your furniture items can make the space look messy and too loud. So, pair minimalist modern styles with evergreen patterns to highlight certain areas in the room. 

Look For A Wholesale Fabric Store

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