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Best online fabric stores Drapery fabric online

Best online fabric stores Drapery fabric online

4 Backyard Project Ideas For Your Contemporary Clients 

The backyard is a true sanctuary—especially if it's prepped with the right aesthetics. And as an interior designer, it’s your job to bring your client’s backyard vision to life. 

Whether you have a client who is completely redesigning their yard or just giving it a bit of an update, here are a few backyard project ideas that can blow their mind away. 

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor seating makes all the difference. To ensure your clients can enjoy their patio all year round, use all-weather, comfortable outdoor furniture. You also want to make sure that the pieces offer enough space for the entire family and don't just look good. We recommend all wood furniture items or high-quality upholstered products designed to dry quickly.

If you are running on a budget, you can upcycle the existing outdoor furniture and reupholster the furniture, chair and cushions with modern, trendy fabric options. You can find an abundance of outdoor fabric options at the best online fabric stores

Outdoor Drapery 

Does your client want to enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about their privacy being intruded? 

Dress up their patio with outdoor curtains and window treatments and transform it into a private oasis. Outdoor curtains give an elegant, flowing look, and keep the sun away. When looking for drapery fabric online, choose a fabric that is fade, mildew-resistant, and designed for outdoor use.

Light It Up The Right Way

“The lighting of a space can make or break an interior design”, you already know it. You can magically transform your client’s backyard by incorporating the right lighting and illuminating the space with multiple lighting options. 

Hang twinkling fairy lights on the trees and string lights if they have an overhead. You can also incorporate LED downlights or RGB strip lighting into the roof system. 

For outdoor tables, use table lamps or oversized candles to create a warm, cosy environment.

Make It Functional

Outdoor living spaces are considered one of the most popular used rooms in a home. Therefore, homeowners want them to be pretty and super functional at the same time. Something that works well with their lifestyle. So if you are redesigning an outdoor room for a client that has kids, consider adding kids-friendly elements to the space like a small play zone or playhouse tent. If your client hosts frequent outdoor parties, install a BBQ or outdoor kitchen so that they can serve their guests without having to worry about the transition between indoors and outdoors.

You must also consider adding storage solutions to the space like modern furniture items with in-built storage and storage ottomans.

Final Words

Outdoor areas are uniquely focused on beauty and expression, as well as protection: When one has access to a backyard, they want to use it in the best way possible. To help you design an outdoor space your client can enjoy all seasons, in this blog, we shared some ideas.

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