5 Hacks To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Home

All the furniture or upholstery in your house revolves around the quality and type of fabric you choose. Choosing the right fabric is crucial since it is noticed over everything else, be it in your house, office, or even public space. It adds flavor to the decor, class to a place, and is very important for the overall look. Let us begin by understanding the basics of fabrics and then move on to know what fabric is best suited for what project.

Pick the Project

There’s plenty of ways to begin looking for new decor. For the ones who have a creative mind, it is not a hassle to come up with ideas. However, for the rest of us, Pinterest comes to the rescue. Endless browsing does lead to pretty houses, and in most cases, you always tend to find interesting designs. If this is not useful, then you have other options like using tutorials to upgrade your taste and knowledge of fabric patterns. Apart from these two methods, you can always visit a nearby store and shop for items you like.

Research well

Before you begin to shop, there are a couple of things you need to research about such as the type of garment you want, the color of upholstery fabric, the material of the cloth, etc., A universal way of finding out the right merchandise is to go window shopping and explore what is used in stores and the quality of fabrics available. The feel of the fabric is a factor when it comes to selecting one.

See the drape

Once you have selected the fabric, it is a thumb rule to unroll the fabric to see how it hangs. The hang is detrimental in judging how the fabric looks in full length. Different fabrics have different ways of being assessed. One of the criteria for gauging the quality of silk is that if it hangs softly, then it is great. Whereas, linen tends to be heavy and wriggly when stuck out or gathered. Hence, the factor of draping is among the most important factors while deciding to choose a fabric. 

Test the durability

Hold the fabric between your fingers and pull them in opposite directions to test the stretch. Most of the fabrics are bound to have an element of a stretch when it is pulled in a diagonal position. You could go either way but preferably chose fabrics that do not have much stretch as it gives the fabric more neutral wear and fall. It will all boil down to what you are using it for and where you are using it. Avoid purchasing lycra or jersey fabric until and unless you are familiar with the stretch.

Visualize the end product

Visualizations are always a powerful medium of understanding if something is attractive or not. Take your time to visualize the project in the fabric you have chosen. Think about the shape of your furniture, your room, the background color, and the fabric. If you are short on time, then you can always visit the best online fabric store and select your preferred form of fabric.


Fabric selection can change the overall look of any place. It should be chosen with a lot of care. Do a sufficient amount of research before selecting the right fabric, and you’re good to go.