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How to Select The Best Fabric for Your Home

When decorating your home with fabric, making the right selection is key for durability, appearance, and comfort. With so many different fabric types available, it can be difficult to determine which is best based on where and how it will be used in your home. This guide will walk you through the major factors to consider when choosing a home fabric.


Determine the Planned Use and Location

Fabric is available in many different fibers, some more suitable for certain roles around the house. Consider where and how the fabric will be utilized.


Upholstery fabric is used to cover furniture like couches, chairs, ottomans, and headboards. Examine wear frequency, potential spills/stains, sun exposure, and desired softness. Durability and easy cleaning are often priorities.

Window Treatments

Fabrics like drapes, curtains, and blinds decorate windows while managing light and privacy. Lightfastness is often desired along with enhanced visibility day/night.


Removable slipcovers protect upholstery and allow quick fabric changes when altering décor. Seek out durable, easily removable options in desired colors.

Pillows & Cushions

Pretty pillows elevate beds, sofas, and chairs while providing support. Opt for softer fabrics that retain shape and complement surrounding décor.

Evaluate Key Fabric Qualities

Once potential uses are determined, dive deeper into qualities that matter most for that application, like:


How well will the fabric endure expected use and maintain appearance over time? More durable options include canvas, microfiber, acrylic and certain polyester blends.


For close human contact, softer, more pliable fabrics like fleece, velvet, flannel and high-quality cotton provide next-to-skin comfort.

Easy Cleaning

Fabrics prone to spills and stains should be easy to spot clean. Cotton, olefin, microfiber, vinyl and leather are good choices.


How light/heavy the fabric should feel and hang depends on use. Sheers nicely filter light. Linen, with its beautiful drape, make light flowing curtains.

Match Fabrics to Decor Style

The right fabric can beautifully enhance your interior decorating style. Consider these examples:


For sleek modern spaces, use structured fabrics like leather in neutral tones. Mix shiny satin with rougher burlap.


Incorporate cozy flannel plaids and distressed denims along with burlaps and durable canvas for a down-home look.


For breezy, beach-inspired rooms, lightweight linen, seagrass and textured oatmeal fabrics complement soothing blues and tans.


Look to damasks, silk brocades and velvets in darker jewel tones for a formal elegant traditional environment. Use tassels and trims to embellish.

Order Samples Before Deciding

When purchasing online, fabric photos don't always capture true colors, feel and sheen. Order inexpensive samples from sites first to make better final fabric selections.

Choosing fabric by considering planned use, location, key qualities and style creates functional, beautiful spaces. For more fabric help visit [website] or contact our team. We offer a wide range of durable, comfortable and easy to clean fabrics for every room.

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