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Easy Fabric Painting Tips And Ideas For Beginners

Easy Fabric Painting Tips And Ideas For Beginners

Fabric painting is one of the simplest ways using which you can paint and beautify any plain-looking fabric and conjure up some beautiful designs and patterns. Whether it is for any bedding, decorative table mats, or apparel fabric, you can always use your creativity to paint the best designs, textures, and patterns, thereby turning a lack-luster fabric into something colorful and vibrant. 

If you are a novice at painting but are equally enthusiastic about your fabric painting project, here is a help. We have assembled some very easy and straightforward tips that help you paint the fabric to perfection: 

The right choice of fabric:

 When it comes to painting on fabric, you may choose from several fabric options. But if you want your paint project to stand out, cotton makes the best choice. Many experts suggest that painting on a 100 percent cotton fabric gives the best results. If you don’t want to work with cotton, you can choose other options like rayons and silks. Once you have chosen any suitable fabric, it is imperative to prewash it. pre-washing a fabric removes the added sizing. It also helps you test whether the fabric will shrink or not. 

Choose a tight fabric:

A loosely woven fabric is a big no-no for your paint project. It is because, in loose fabric, the paint seeps through the threads before it becomes dry. This factor reduces the intensity of the color. Therefore, we suggest you choose a finely woven fabric so that you can start your first fabric painting project without any hassle. 

Treat the wrinkles:

After choosing an appropriate fabric and testing it for a prewash, it’s time to get rid of the wrinkles. Painting a wrinkled fabric would be the biggest challenge for one and all. As a beginner, we always suggest you iron the fabric properly before you draw your design and start painting the same. 

Let the paints flow:

No, we didn’t mean to let loose your paint on the fabric and to disrupt your design. Take your brush, dip it in water and then lightly brush it all over your design. Wetting the fabric with a brush prepares it for a smooth painting session. Working on a wet material also encourages your paint colors to flow freely on each-other. However, you must abstain from adding too much water as your colors may get diluted.

Set the colors properly:

Setting the colors properly once you have painted the fabric is very important. The easiest way to do it is to iron on the wrong side of the fabric. It will help the paint set fine. Do not rub the iron too hard on the fabric, or else the colors will start bleeding into each other.

Choose the painting type: 

You can assemble the best art and craft supplies and choose the right kind of painting to design your fabric. Some of the most sought-after painting options are freehand painting, dot painting, outliner painting, finger painting, tie-dye painting, one-stroke painting, etc.


A fabric painting project is full of fun and indulgence, and any beginner can try their hands on the same. Just take care of the above-listed points, and you are good to go. Start painting your heart out now. 

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