Three Ways To Create Your Earrings All By Yourself

The jewelry universe is abundant with multiple quirky DIY ideas for crafting jewelry. Yes, when it comes to earrings, whether they are hoops or studs, you, too can create the kind of earrings you like. Not only does this validate your creative spirit but it can also turn into a money-making platform. Many kinds of earrings can be made easily at home. Allow us to enlighten you.

Here are a few ideas that will help you to get started.

#1 Bead Earrings

A simple way to make an easy, classic and sophisticated beaded earring involves these key jewelry making supplies.

You will need:

  • A French hook
  • Some colorful beads
  • Headpins
  • Hot glue

How to DIY:

Although beads are essential for this method, if you don't have them, you can also use clay or dry flower petals instead. Okay, let's begin! Start by inserting the beads in the headpins. Once this is complete, you have to make sure both ends are of the same length. Now, secure this end by making a loop and connect it with the French hook using some hot glue. And voila, you have your beaded earrings ready to complete your new office look.

#2 Button earrings

Everyone mostly owns some discarded buttons of different shapes and sizes. Time to get whacky! You can put these all to use by turning them into button earrings.

You will need:

  • Buttons - of all kinds!
  • Glitter powder - for everyone who loves going OTT
  • Small beads - leftover from point #1!
  • Hot glue - always comes in handy
  • A French hook

How to DIY:

Start by decorating buttons. Use the hot-glue to cover them with some fancy glitter powder. Then, use some of the small beads to decorate them further. Once your buttons have dried up properly, use hot glue to stick them to the French hooks. 

There you go, glittery button earrings for the beach party tonight!

#3 Ribbon hoop earrings

The traditional and evergreen hoop earrings are almost always trending due to their versatile nature. Well, guess what? Now, you can also use ribbons and bangles to create stylish hoop earrings.

Material needed:

  • A set of plastic bangles
  • Some ribbons
  • French hooks - as always
  • Hot glue

How to DIY:

Take one of the plastic bangles and use a thin ribbon to wrap around it. You can also use multiple ribbons to create variations in your design -- go as wild as you could. Check out Pinterest for some ideas. Once you are happy with the pattern, secure the ends with some hot glue. Then, let it dry. After you finish, then you need to hook up the hoop with a French hook. 

You can also use any amount of glitters and beads to decorate the hoop depending on the occasion. If you need one for your theme wedding, don't forget to add your personal touch while picking out your bridal supplies. 


The best thing about the idea of homemade earrings is that you are the creator as well as the buyer! So when it comes to DIY earrings, the world is your oyster -- you can use anything to create different types of designs and patterns according to your outfits or mood! Careful with the hot glue - you don't want to hurt yourself in the process. And you're good to go. Did you enjoy making your earrings? Let us know.