A Complete Guide To Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding ideas can be as diverse as the outdoors itself. People choose to get married in all kinds of different locations. Beaches are extremely popular, but so are golf courses and botanical gardens.

Then there are the really unique couples, who prefer to get married on a glacier or even underwater. 

Crazy, right? But that’s not all. We have covered outdoor weddings in detail in this article. Have a look. 

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Decorations for outdoor wedding ceremonies require careful consideration. The weather is not the only factor. If the wedding and the reception are to be held at different venues, you will have to find decoration items that will work both inside and out.

There may be a case where you may not get the wedding venue for an entire day. In that case, make sure to hire decorators who can set up and wrap up everything quickly. Also, you can hire people specifically to clean up the entire venue immediately after the ceremony is over. 

Outdoor Wedding Ideas Reception

No matter how promising the forecast is, ideas for outdoor wedding reception must contain a backup plan in the event of bad weather. Nothing will put an end to a wedding faster than heavy rainfall and cold wind.

Outdoor wedding decor ideas should not only include the decorations but some of the things that might make the reception more comfortable for your invites as well. Candles can not only act as lights but can double as insect repellents.

Pay Attention To Everyone’s Comfort

We know the day is about the bride and groom and everything should be according to their choice. However, inviting guests to attend an event where they are uncomfortable or that does not have adequate facilities is probably not a good idea. So make sure to choose a location that your guests are comfortable traveling to. 

Adventure Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A wedding on a glacier can be done properly if you plan and make the right arrangements. You can even venture into the Amazon rainforest or say your vows while jumping out of a plane. The Grand Canyon is a popular choice, as are many of the national parks. When considering these places, be certain to ask about local laws and policies regarding weddings and licenses.

Apparel For Guests And The Couple

Depending on where the wedding is taking place, the guests’ apparel is an aspect that can't be ignored. Outdoor weddings can involve unusual weather. So, you can inform your guests to pick cotton apparel if your outdoor destination is a warm place and vice versa. For you and your partner, you can check out other outdoor fabric by the yard

Final Words

Outdoor wedding ideas are easy to think of, but be careful that you think about all the things you want to have as part of your wedding. An outdoor reception can be just as beautiful as one that is held indoors if you plan carefully.

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We hope that the ideas mentioned in this article help you host an outdoor wedding that will be a cherished memory for the rest of your life!